Outdoor Industries, LLC


Outdoor Industries, LLC was formed when Mark DeCillis and Kevin Lafferty merged their individual companies to expand their services and capabilities.  Initially a full-service landscape company, Outdoor Industries, LLC has evolved to focus primarily on lawn & turfgrass management and plant healthcare.  Unlike a “lawn guy” or the average landscaper, we strive for long term care, development and sustainability on the sites we manage.  Understanding the science behind the work, and how to adapt to seasonal, environmental and site changes, gives us the ability to better manage our clients’ properties.  Our team is regularly provided with continuing education, and many have attended University courses.  Outdoor Industries, LLC is fully licensed by the State of Connecticut, holding Ornamental & Turf  (CT 3A) and Arborist (CT 3D) certificates. In addition to turfgrass and plant health care, we provide construction, planting, design and installation services.  We also partner with landscape managers, and irrigation firms to provide full service solutions when needed.


Mark graduated with high honors from the University of Connecticut with a BS in Agriculture with a focus on Landscape Design. Mark has a passion for the green industry and began working at a local garden center at the start of high school.  Mark has field experience in constructing and maintaining many landscape and turfgrass areas, as well as designing and consulting for these sites.  Growing up on the shoreline, Mark is also well involved in the community. As a teenager he became and Eagle Scout in the local Boy Scout troop. Still living in the community, he is now an active member of the local Volunteer Fire Department.  Outside of the green industry, Mark is a pilot who enjoys spending time flying around New England.  He also enjoys time in the outdoors with family


Kevin graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with both a B.S. in Business Management and Turfgrass Management. Transplanted to Connecticut in 2002, Kevin started his career working for several private golf courses in the Northeast, including two in Fairfield County, CT. Kevin experienced all aspects of golf course operations from maintenance to major construction projects. As part of the course maintenance, he developed detailed agronomic programs. Armed with this skill set, Kevin started his own venture within the landscaping profession here on the coast of Connecticut in 2007.  Outside of the green industry, Kevin is an avid angler and boater.  He enjoys fishing trips with friends, and boating with his family. Also a former college lacrosse athlete, he has given time to coaching local teams.