Outdoor Industries, LLC


Landscape Design

At Outdoor Industries, LLC, design and rendering is an integral part of our planning, staging and the execution process of the operation. We begin with an initial conversation, which transforms into a pool of thoughts and sketches. Finally, it becomes a conceptual working platform for the development of a sustainable landscape. Our designs merge client needs and their environments to create custom outdoor living spaces for any location. We work with clients to yield the desired landscape for each individual property.

Landscape Installation

We not only enjoy the design and creation element with every project, here at Outdoor Industries, LLC, our true reward is seeing the end product. Installation is the roots of our company. Both Mark and Kevin have been planting and growing for over 35 years jointly; we clearly enjoy the work. A beautifully landscape adds value and enjoyment to your home. Outdoor Industries, LLC has the manpower, expertise, and resources needed to handle any landscape project.

Landscape Maintenance

The meat and potatoes of any property’s landscape is a solid maintenance schedule.  Landscape maintenance is where we at Outdoor Industries continue your landscape’s success. From pruning, edging and mulching; to trimming, mowing and fall clean-ups; we are able to tackle any landscape maintenance needs. Whether basic or complex, our detailed processes transcends into all of our work.

Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your landscaping longer by illuminating it with Outdoor Industries, LLC. Our team will design LED lighting system to bring your landscape alive at dusk. Lighting is not just for pathways or walk-ups. It can wash over boulders, and accents specimen plants throughout your property as well as add security to those dark areas of your home. We are able to demo lighting systems to show you the beauty, safety and security that can be added to your property. Our demo kit has over 40 lights allowing us illuminate any property. Part of our team includes a licensed electrician for all of our lighting projects.

Turf Care

Our team at Outdoor Industries, LLC considers each property as its own unique ecosystem. Many variables affect turf vigor and a boilerplate fertilizer program cannot cater to every property. We access each property and develop a program that fits your environment. IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is the cornerstone in all of our applications as well as our agronomic programs. The products we use are a blend of traditional and organic materials. We believe sound agronomics is feeding the soil, which in turn feeds the plant. With our environments changing with every growing season, adaptation is paramount for continued turf grass success. Let us grow with your property either from a newly seeded, or sodded lawn, or from an existing turf stand.

Please find more information on the various products used by Outdoor Industries, LLC here.